19 Unusual Snow Globes to Buy this Xmas

Like many people, I love snow globes and have done since I was a child. There’s something really magical about that little scene inside a bubble and how you can shake it up and watch the snow or glitter settle softly down again.

They make great christmas presents for kids and adults and there are some really unique snow globes around these days, which will make for a really memorable gift.

Red Riding Hood Snow Globeoriginal_red-riding-hood-snow-globe

This snow globe with a little red riding hood walking in the snow has a retro, vintage feel about it. It’s a beautiful fairytale accessory that will be loved by kids and adults alike. Available from Not On The High Street.

White and Silver Deer Snow Globeoriginal_christmas-deer-globe-white-and-silver

This beautiful snow globe has a silver base with vintage motif and a white deer inside a glass globe. The snow and glitter inside creates a gorgeous Christmas scene when shaken. Available from Not On The High Street.

Frosty Trees Snow Globe

buy1._V192240163_The amazingly realistic winter scene inside this snow globe will make it look as if you’ve captured a miniature winter world inside a bubble. Inside are white snowflakes and the base is engraved with a poem: “winter solitude in a world of one color the sound of wind – basho”

PetitCollin Snow Globe51vlcIsXgoL

buy1._V192240163_Petitcollin is a French doll manufacturer that was founded in 1860 and the snow globes it produces are highly collectible. This one includes a doll and swan with a photographic doll backdrop. Ideal for doll collectors or kitsch lovers.

Santa in Car Mini Snow Globeoriginal_christmas-santa-mini-snow-globe-in-car

This is a really fun and quirky snow globe for Christmas! Great for kids or as a Xmas decoration. Get it from Not On The High Street.

White Owl Snow Globeoriginal_large-owl-snow-globe

This contemporary snow globe in all white will look great in modern, minimalist homes. Available from Not On The High Street.

Skull in Skeleton Glitter Snow Globe41ar9lzg9LL

buy1._V192240163_If you have any goth friends to find Christmas presents for, this is the snow globe for them. Also makes a great Halloween decoration.

Handmade Edible Robin Snow Globeoriginal_lick-the-spoon-robin-snowglobe-90g

This may look like a traditional snow globe at first glance but the robin inside is actually made from chocolate! Even the glitter snow inside is edible. You can hang it on your Christmas tree because it’s too cute to eat! Get it from Not On The High Street.

My Little Pony Snow Globeoriginal_my-little-pony-snow-globe

These cute My Little Pony snow globes are great for kids (my daughter would love one!) or lovers of kitsch and retro home decor items. You can also add your own photo to the background. Choose from Rainbow Dash or Pinkie pie. Available from Not On The High Street.

Moon Snow Globe41tNiBGIl-L

buy1._V192240163_The silver moon inside this globe seems to float and the ‘snow’ looks like moondust. Great gift for anyone fascinated with astronomy and the night sky.

Light-up Colour Changing London Snow Globe31Pp62QgiIL

buy1._V192240163_This light-up snow globe contains London’s most iconic landmarks including the London Eye, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Princess and Unicorn Pink Snow Globe41DWWVxCucL

buy1._V192240163_This is the perfect snow globe for little girls complete with a princess with pink crown and purple dress and a unicorn with pink wings and mane. The glittery snow inside is also pink. It comes boxed and in a gift bag and makes a lovely Christmas present for a child.

Bambi Snow Globeoriginal_1031-05

This cute little deer snowglobe will be loved by children and adults alike. It makes for a beautiful Christmas decoration or a lovely Stocking filler. Get it from Not On The High Street.

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Snow Globe51OemacYIzL

buy1._V192240163_This is a great snow globe for art lovers with a representation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night inside, set on a black resin square base. The snow inside is made up from iridescent versions of the same colours used in the artwork.

Meerkat Snow GlobeA1hU1wzsO5L._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_This quirky snow globe features a Meerkat dressed as a distinguished Victorian gentleman, surrounded by gold glitter snow.

Flamingo Snow Globeoriginal_flamingo-wonderball

If festive santas and cute winter animals aren’t really your thing, how about a cute pink flamingo? This quirky alternative snow globe is great for those who like things that are a little different from the norm. Available from Not On The High Street.

Gnome Snow Globeoriginal_snowglobe-dwarf

Who can resist a cute little garden gnome?! This snow globe is filled with green glitter and makes a great gift for a child or a gnome-loving adult. Order from Not On The High Street.

Christmas Skyline Snow Globe41AJcRcfaGL

buy1._V192240163_This gorgeously designed snow globe contains a sillouette of a city skyline with Father Christmas and reindeer flying their sleigh overhead. It includes snowflakes and gold glitter.

Children’s Snow Globe Night Lightoriginal_children-s-snowglobe-night-light

This gorgeous night light is also a snow globe with a choice of characters inside – either a little girl with flowers or a girl in a bunny costume with a white fox. The snow inside swirls round by itself when the light is on and is wonderfully relaxing to watch. The light also changes colours and softly fades between them. Get this wonderful snow globe light from Not On The High Street.

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