Unique Christmas Wrapping Paper & Ideas

Giving the perfect Christmas gifts is not just about what’s inside the box – how your presents look under the tree is also an important part of Christmas and part of the enjoyment of receiving gifts comes from opening them.

A beautifully wrapped gift is a joy to look at and can really add to the beauty of your xmas decorations when placed under the tree. Traditional wrapping paper is great but if you’d like to choose something a little unusual and special so that your presents stand out under the tree, try some of these ideas:

Mary Kilvert product

Giving a gift to a dog love this year? This wrapping paper illustrated with red snowflakes and different breeds of dogs wearing Christmas jumpers and santa hats will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Available from Not On The High Street.

Chalkboard Gift Wraporiginal_chalkboard-gift-wrap-set

This is the ideal wrapping paper for artsy types and you don’t have to bother with gift tags as you can write the name and message directly onto the paper! The set comes with rustic twine and optional chalk or white paint pen and wooden star tags. Get it from Not On The High Street.

Sprouts and Parsnips Wrapping Paper Setoriginal_sprouts-and-parsnips-wrapping-paper-set

Personally I think the vegetables are the best part of Christmas dinner but not everybody feels that way! This quirky Christmas wrapping paper also has accompanying gift tags that read “I didn’t tip the vegetables off my plate, honest.” Available from Not On The High Street.

Christmas Cat Eco Wrapping Paperoriginal_christmas-furry-cat-wrapping-paper

This wrapping paper with beautiful watercolour illustrations of a cat with angel wings and wand is not only great for cat lovers but it’s also printed on recycled paper with inks based on vegetable oil. Available from Not On The High Street.

Festive Bear Christmas Wrapping Paperoriginal_festive-bear-christmas-wrapping-paper

Who can resist a sweet little bear in a Santa hat? This light blue printed paper looks even better tied with red and white string. Get it from Not on The High Street.

Personalised Funny Santa Wrapping Paper913hdCKXOyL._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_This wrapping paper is not so sweet but extra funny and sure to cause some laughs on Christmas morning, with illustrations of Santa reading the paper and sitting on the chimney with his pants down! Can be personalised with a name of your choice.

Squirrel Christmas Wrapping paperoriginal_squirrel-christmas-gift-wrapping-set

This is great wrapping paper for either a squirrel-lover or a wine lover as it is illustrated with pictures of a cute squirrel drinking a glass of wine and the phrase “go nuts, it’s Christmas!”.  The pack comes with 2 sheets of gift wrap, 2 gift-tags and 3 metres of black and white bakers twine. Available from Not On The High Street.

Nutcracker Themed Matchbox Gift Boxesoriginal_nutcracker-match-boxes

Small gifts can be awkward to wrap. Instead put them in one of these sweet matchbox gift boxes illustrated with characters from The Nutcracker. Comes as a set of 6 boxes with gold lining and embellished with gold glitter. Get them from Not On The High Street.

Christmas Carrot Wrapping Paper Setoriginal_christmas-carrot-wrapping-paper-set

This quirky wrapping paper illustrated with carrots is both cute and funny. The set comes with a complementary orange ribbon and gift tag featuring a snowman with a missing nose. Get it from Not On The High Street.

Brussels Sprout Christmas Wrapping Paperoriginal_brussels-sprout-wrapping-paper

Whether you love them or hate them, brussels sprouts are synonymous with Christmas and this sprout emblazoned wrapping paper will certainly stand out under your tree. Available from Not On The High Street.

London Black Cab Christmas Wrapping Paperoriginal_christmas-london-wrapping-paper-set-the-black-cab

What could be more festive at Christmas time than Santa driving a black cab carrying a Christmas tree? This quirky and fun wrapping paper is ideal for gifts to Britons abroad or London Lovers. Available from Not On The High Street.

Cat Christmas Wrapping Setoriginal_cat-christmas-wrapping-paper-gift-set

Another great Christmas wrapping paper for cat lovers. This one has multi-coloured cats wearing santa hats on white paper. The set comes with matching cat gift tags, ribbon in gold ricrac or red and heart-shaped seals. Order from Not On The High Street.

Christmas Personalised Gift Bagsoriginal_personalised-christmas-bags

Who says you have to use paper to wrap your presents? These cotton gift bags are eco-friendly and look just as good under the tree. You can also personalise them with the person’s name and a Christmas message. Get them from Not On The High Street.

Personalised Justin Bieber Christmas Wrapping Paper91h5AGqFwBL._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_Whether you know a true Justin Bieber fan or you just want to make a joke with a friend at work, this personalised wrapping paper is both funny and festive.

Christmas Fox Gift Wraporiginal_christmas-fox-gift-wrap

What could be cuter than foxes wearing Christmas hats? This beautiful alternative gift wrap can be ordered by the sheet or as a set with matching tags and ribbon. Get it from Not On The High Street.

Duck Christmas Gift Wraporiginal_duck-christmas-gift-wrap

If foxes aren’t your thing? What about ducks? This cute illustrated wrapping paper comes with matching gift tags and ribbons. Order it from Not On The High Street.

Knitted Gift Wrap Setoriginal_all-wrapped-up-knitted-wrapping-paper

This gift wrap is printed paper but just looks like a real wooly knit, especially when accessorised wtih some chunky yarn bows. Great for wrapping gifts for knitters or just to invoke that warm and cosy Christmas feeling. Order it from Not On The High Street.

London Bus  Christmas Wrapping Paperoriginal_london-routemaster-christmas-wrapping-paper

This is one of my favourites on the list as being an expat myself, I love anything that reminds me of home! This quirky illustrated gift wrap of festive London Routemaster buses loaded with presents and drawn through the sky by reindeeer and driven by Santa himself. You can either buy a giftwrap pack that includes 2 sheets of wrapping paper, 2 gift tags and red satin ribbon, or buy just the paper per sheet. Get it from Not On The High Street.

Meercats Christmas Wrapping Paper51m8VVAtqhL

buy1._V192240163_This wrapping paper looks like traditional Christmas gift wrap at first glance but when you look closer you’ll see it’s a group of meercats singing Christmas carols with the inscription “Ding Dong meerily on high”

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