30+ Unique Christmas Baubles to Give as Gifts

While I was looking for baubles for the article I wrote earlier on alternative Christmas tree ornaments, I found a lot of gorgeous single baubles that would be too expensive if you were going to buy enough to cover your whole tree but they also make a lovely thoughtful and beautiful gift for your significant other, friend or family.

I remember hearing a story about a couple who met just before Christmas and made it a tradition every year to buy each other a new Christmas bauble, which I thought was such a lovely idea and would be a great way to celebrate the season with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, even if your anniversary isn’t around that time of year.

You could also just treat yourself by buying one special bauble each year – you’ll grow a collection of beautiful and unique Christmas tree ornaments over the years and each one will remind you of that year’s Christmas.

Scooter Santa Glass Christmas Tree Decoration


buy1._V192240163_I drive a scooter myself so I love the idea that Santa would be zipping around on one to deliver his presents! This cute and unusual tree decoration makes an ideal gift for motorbike lovers or anyone who just likes unique Christmas decorations.

Robot Santa Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Ornament81+BWdbOgKL._SL1500_buy1._V192240163_

This cute little vintage style Christmas robot is quirky and perfect for anyone who loves to collect unusual Christmas tree decorations.

Santa in a Rocket Vintage Style Christmas Tree Decoration81RYJLB3ocL._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_This fun colourful and glittery Christmas ornament is wonderful for anyone interested in space exploration or just as part of a collection of Santa ornaments (there are many other ornaments by Gisela Graham that depict Santa on a number of different methods of transportation, some are included on this list!)

Handpainted London Taxi Christmas Tree Bauble51kMA45IhFL

buy1._V192240163_This gorgeous glass Christmas bauble by Brink Nordic would make an amazing gift for expats or Londoners for from home, or anglophiles all over the world. It comes presented in a beautiful gift box and makes a quirky and unusual addition to your Christmas tree.

Union Jack Bauble519JBCRxn2L

buy1._V192240163_Another fantastic Christmas decoration for expats! The glittery union jack would look great with a blue and red decorated tree, or alongside other British-themed decorations like the black cab, above.

Personalised Glass Angel BaubleĀ 51KtzmWfEvL._SL1000_


This glass bauble with personalised engraving would make a great ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ momento or to celebrate a special anniversary or just to give to a loved one with a personal message. It measures 8cm so slightly bigger than usual baubles, and looks absolutely gorgeous with fairy lights shining through it in dim light.

3D Peacock Glass Christmas Bauble


buy1._V192240163_I think this bauble is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect combination of unusual and traditional. It’s a large bauble, measuring 10cm across and looks absolutely stunning on the Christmas tree.

Pug Dog Pink Christmas Bauble91IW1F0yuWL._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_This is a great bauble for pug owners and dog owners (you can actually get them in all different kinds of dog breeds).

Guinness 2015 Collector’s Christmas Bauble711KJH5RgKL._SL1100_


Guinness comes out with a limited collector’s edition Christmas ornament each year and this is 2015’s bauble. Decorated like a Christmas pudding with the Guinness logo and presented in a gift box with gold ribbon, it makes the perfect gift for beer lovers.

Crystal Hanging Bird Christmas Tree Decoration51vHlRic2wL._SL1024_

buy1._V192240163_This sweet little glass bird will look lovely on your Christmas tree and it really sparkles when it catches the light.

Winter Town Dome Christmas Tree Decoration41AvSy6-TgL

buy1._V192240163_This is an amazingly detailed bauble tat would be a really talking point when displayed in a prominent location on your tree. It’s finished with a white ribbon and mini tinsel and measures 11cm tall.

Photo Bauble Christmas Tree Decoration41AQuoV1eNL


This bauble is a really unique way to give a personal gift at Christmas. Simply put in your own photos (it holds 2 so you can have a different photo to look at for two different angles) and you have a fun personalised Christmas tree ornament.

Glass Nativity Silver Bauble


buy1._V192240163_This delicate and detailed glass bauble with gold highlights actually has a miniature nativity scene inside and is really a thing of beauty. Gift it to someone special or keep it to yourself – just keep it away from the kids!

Red Glass and Gold Snowflake Christmas Bauble51cnvLUzduL

buy1._V192240163_This is probably the most traditional looking bauble on our list but it’s still unusual enough to really stand out on your Christmas tree. Makes a gorgeous gift or a treat to yourself at Christmas time.

Mr & Mrs Personalised Bauble with Snoworiginal_personalised-mr-and-mrs-glass-bauble-with-snow

This personalised bauble would make a great Christmas gift for a newlywed couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together, or as a gift to your husband or wife. It comes with a gorgeous metallic ribbon for hanging and comes in a gift box finished with a festive red ribbon.

Glass Angel Christmas Decorationoriginal_christmas-angel-stained-glass-angel-decoration

This gorgeous stained glass angel would look beautiful on any Christmas tree and can be hung in a window to catch the light after Christmas and all through the year.

Christmas Tea Baubleoriginal_christmas-tea-bauble

Have a friend who loves drinking tea? This giant Christmas bauble is filled with luxury tea bags in a choice of Christmas Cake or Gingerbread Chai flavours. When you’re finished the tea, you can fill the bauble with anything you like.

Christmas Party Dog Bauble


There’s just so much to love about these Christmassy dog decorations! I think they’re a must for any dog lover. There are two different designs of bauble to choose, each with a jack russel inside. One includes a Christmas tree and the other has the dog wearing a party hat.

Handmade Chicken Christmas Baubleoriginal_chicken-christmas-bauble

Have a friend who keeps chickens? You may have just found the perfect gift for them! This ceramic bauble is a limited edition and is also available in cat, wood grouse, stag and elk versions. It comes with a gorgeous red ribbon for hanging.

2015 Hand Painted Christmas Baubleoriginal_2015-hand-painted-christmas-bauble

This is not just a bauble, it’s a true work of art.The festive scene of reindeer in a snowy forest is individually hand painted onto every bauble. What’s even more impressive is that this isn’t painte on top of the bauble but from the inside using an ancient Chinese technique and specialist painting hooks. The artist creates a new bauble each Christmas and each one comes with a gift box and card explaining the technique. This is really a one-of-a-kind unique Christmas gift for someone.

Air Plant Terrarium Christmas Baubleoriginal_air-plant-terrarium-christmas-bauble

Do you remember those terrarium ‘garden in a bottle’ things that were the height of fashion in the 80s? well now you can have your own miniature modern version to hang on your Christmas tree and it looks very cool indeed! These air plants need so little water that you just need to mist it 1-2 times a month or leave the lid off occasionally to let the plant absorb water from the air. This makes an amazing and unique gift for the person who has everything!

Gold Pinecone Christmas Tree Decorationoriginal_gold-pine-cone-decoration

If you want to add some bling to your Christmas tree then this is the way to do it! These gold pine cones look fantastic hanging from a real tree and make the perfect gift for a glamorous friend. They’re also available in silver.

World Peace Glitter Bauble

It’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas but these baubles make sure we remember again – glitter and all! These quirky baubles are ideal for anyone who loves unusual Christmas decorations and would also make a great gift to say “I’m sorry” to a friend you’ve fallen out with or anyone going travelling or living away from home this Christmas.

Personalised China Name Baubleoriginal_Animal_Alphabet_Bauble_-_Girls_Colours

This cute bauble with a child’s name spelled out in animal letters makes an ideal “First Christmas” gift for a baby or a lovely Christmas keepsake for any member of the family. The letters are multi-coloured but you can choose from a dominant colour of pink or blue, suitable for a girl or boy.

Clear Glass Bauble with Striped Feathersoriginal_clear-glass-bauble-with-striped-feathers

There’s something a bit magical about these delicate glass baubles containing feathers. They would suit a minimal, ethereal decorated tree.

Christmas Cat Decorationoriginal_christmas-decoration-cat

Everybody has a crazy cat lady in their life and this is the bauble for them! I know a handful of people who would love to receive one of these festive kitty baubles as a Christmas gift.

Sparkle House in Glass Bauble

There’s something really magical about shrinking things down to a miniature size and putting them inside a glass bubble. Kids will love looking at this beautiful sparkly white ceramic house inside a glass teardrop with organza ribbon, and wondering who lives inside.

Personalised Papercut Glass Baubleoriginal_personalised-papercut-glass-bauble

These delicate teardrop shaped glass baubles have papercut lettering inside with wording of your choice, along with star sequins in a choice of silver, gold, pink, or white. You can also choose from a variety of charms including butterfly (pictured), snowflake, pawprint or ‘2015’. The bauble comes wrapped in tissue in a beautiful gift box and makes a wonderful bespoke gift for a special loved one.

White Ceramic Christmas Tree Owl Decorationoriginal_white-ceramic-christmas-tree-owl-decoration-boxed

This lovely owl will look right at home on your Christmas tree and has cutouts and holes to allow the fairy lights to shine through. He comes boxed in a nest and would make a wonderful gift.

Christmas Tea Light Glass Bauble

In the past, Christmas trees were traditionally decorated with candles but this made way to fairy lights for convenience and safety reasons. Fairy lights are great but there’s just something really special and magical about candle light, so if you want to regain some of that candlelit magic from Christmasses gone by, this is the bauble for you. If you’re nervous about hanging them on your tree, they also look great on the mantlepiece or in a window, or you could use a battery-operated LED tea light which is much safer but looks amazingly like the real thing.

Glitter Whale Baubleoriginal_glitter-whale-bauble

Talk about quirky! This sparkly whale will fit in suprisingly well with the rest of the tinsel and baubles and will be a real talking point for guests. It’s part of the ‘Twilight Zone’ range of Christmas decorations from Lisa Angel for those who want to incorporate luxury into their Christmas while still remaining unique and unusual.

Christmas Pudding Baubleoriginal_christmas-pudding-bauble

Nobody can resist Christmas pudding, especially when it’s as glittery and cute as this one! This bauble looks good enough to eat and would make a fab addition to any Christmas tree.

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