9 More Unique Alternative Christmas Trees for 2015

I had a lot of fun coming up with 20 alternative Christmas tree ideas last year and this year, the idea of replacing your traditional real or artificial tree with something a little more unusual seems to have really taken off.

There are loads of unusual Christmas trees around this year, all ready to buy so you don’t even have to polish up your crafting skills as many of the ideas I listed last year were DIY creations, rather than trees you could actually buy in a shop.

Well as it’s already November (yes I know, time goes faster every year!) and Halloween is over so it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas decorations. The tree will be the centrepiece of the decorations for most homes so it’s a good idea to get this first and then you can choose other decorations that complement it.

For those who are looking for a bit of a more artistic and unusual look for their tree this year, I’ve found another 9 creative and amazing-looking alternative Christmas trees, all of which can be posted right to your door. No hunting around in the cold for your perfect tree when you can stay in your nice cosy warm house and order online!

Christmas Tree Shaped Cabinetoriginal_tree-shaped-cabinet

This set of stacking shelves is perfect for displaying Christmas ornaments, books, presents, or anything else that will suit your style and practical needs.

When assembled the shelf measures 68cm tall and 40cm wide and costs £49.95.

Wooden Cutout Christmas Treeoriginal_poplar-christmas-tree

These stylish modern trees are cut from a single sheet of poplar wood and make an attractive and unusual alternative to a traditional tree when you’re short on floor space.

They can be decorated with ornaments of your choice to customise the look and come as a dark or light green shade. They’re available in 5 different sizes ranging from 18.5cm tall for £5.99 to 88cm tall for £54.99.

Rope Ladder Pom Pom Christmas Treeoriginal_snowy-rope-ladder-christmas-tree-with-pom-poms

Rope ladder Christmas trees really took off last year, as they were incredibly popular on interior design blogs and sites like Pinterest and tumblr. These trees are great if you’re short on floor space as they just hang on the wall. They’re easy enough to make yourself but if you don’t feel like hunting the woods for appropriate branches and cutting them all to size yourself, you can now buy them for a very affordable price.

This rope ladder tree is just £19.95 from Not On The High Street and is extra fun and festive with the addition of a garland of multicoloured pompoms and fairy lights. It’s made from birch wood with faux glitter snow and measures 88cm tall and 70cm wide.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Wall Stickeroriginal_snowflake-christmas-tree-wall-sticker

This wall sticker is a great alternative for those who want a simple but beautiful decoration that’s quick, easy and without mess. It can be put on the wall or on a window and can be removed without damage. Available in 23 different colours.

Colour-in Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Posteroriginal_personalised-colour-in-advent-poster

This fun colour-your-own Christmas tree poster is great for kids rooms and it does double duty as an advent calendar too. Kids can colour in a different decoration every day and even add their own by drawing or adding stickers.

This poster can also be personalised with your child’s name and a Christmas message so it makes a great gift.

Freestanding Chalkboard Christmas Treeoriginal_free-standing-chalkboard-christmas-tree

This is a new take on the blackboard Christmas tree idea that I posted about last year and would work great in an office, kid’s room or for anyone creative.

As well as drawing your own decorations on the tree in chalk you can also use the pre-drilled holes to hang ornaments. This chalkboard tree is available in 3 different sizes from 50cm tall to 70cm tall and ranges in price from £19.95 to £39.95

Fabric Christmas Tree Wall Stickeroriginal_fabric-christmas-tree-wall-sticker

Wall stickers are a great option for those who would love a tree but just don’t have the space, or those who want a quick and easy way to make their room look festive.

This Christmas tree wall sticker is extra special because it’s actually made from fabric with a sticky backing that can be attached to any wall – you won’t be able to stop stroking it! The sticker won’t damage walls and can be peeled off and repositioned as needed. It measures 110cm tall and 64cm wide.

Snowy Trees Wallpaperoriginal_snowy-trees-self-adhesive-wallpaper-mural

Why have just one Christmas tree when you can have a whole forest?! This wonderfully wintery wallpaper makes a great festive backdrop so you won’t need to bother with getting a tree at all. It’s self-adhesive and re-usable so you can use it again year after year.

The wallpaper is sold in strips that are 61cm wide and 240cm tall so you can buy as many as you need to cover your whole wall or just part of it. Each strip costs £43.

Alternative Wooden Christmas Tree

This minimalist Christmas tree is made from sticks of wood arranged to look like a tree and has hooks for hanging decorations. It would look great in all sorts of interiors from modern and contemporary to rustic cottage. It’s 70cm tall and costs £35 (decorations not included).

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