Unique Alternative Christmas Card Ideas

With the growth of the Internet and electronic communications I’ve noticed a real decline in the sending of actual physical Christmas cards over the last few years and I think this is a real shame. I remember as a child the piles of cards that would appear on our doorstep every day and how coming up with new ways to display them was both fun and a challenge. I’d marvel at how my parents knew so many people and love the variety of cards that we received, from traditional snowy scenes to comedy cards and modern minimalist designs. After the holidays we’d cut the fronts off the cards to recycle in craft projects (the glitter ones were my favourites). If this is one xmas tradition you’ve let slide, I think it’s time to resurrect it!

There’s a lot more choice these days when it comes to Christmas cards and it doesn’t have to be all robins and Father Christmas in front of snowy village scenes. Whether you’re looking for a card for a goth friend or you’re looking for a non-religious card with a humanist message, there’s something for everyone in this list:

Christmas Cracker CardsThese beautiful Nutcracker themed Christmas cards come with a difference – they are embedded with a snap just like the ones that are used in Christmas crackers so they bang when you pull them apart. Each card also comes with a paper hat, a joke and a slot for a gift voucher, enabling your card to double up as a unique and unusual Christmas gift. Order the pack of six from Not On The High Street.

Goth Christmas Cards

a_little_christmas_spirit_greeting_card-r6000c556dd0d496b9c6618c575f49a26_xvuat_8byvr_512funny_gothic_santa_christmas_greeting_card-rdaabc88794244f188dbc4da00e9e6aa1_xvuat_8byvr_512 cute_gothic_christmas_tree_greeting_card-re333ac6a087343aaa94ca9454ff441ad_xvuat_8byvr_512 gothic_christmas_tree_greeting_card-r68c83f1889d545d98aeaf35abc0d0aa8_xvuat_8byvr_512

Looking for a darker Christmas card for someone who prefers celebrating Halloween to Christmas? Zazzle have a great selection of well-designed goth Christmas cards including a skull with santa hat, Christmas tree decorated with bats and spiders, a spooky jack frost and more. See the full selection of goth Christmas cards at Zazzle.

Internet Meme Christmas Cards

keep_calm_and_merry_on_note_card-r5e39c2bc85d94bf29ab45f966f363229_xvuai_8byvr_512 christmas_hashtag_hash_tag_symbol_card-r773b2fad53974a879b5c0f4eafdea266_xvuak_8byvr_512 doge_holiday_card-re8477739feb34d4f93855361ca2361c7_xvuat_8byvr_512 winter_is_coming_meme_holiday_card_invitation-rd9124422a7404749978ebbab7e16f774_zkrqs_512

Zazzle again proves itself to be the number one source of unique christmas cards with its selection of meme cards. I think we all know someone who would appreciate one of these cards.

Humanist Christmas Cards

definitelyasanta-square-forweb A6_Greetings_Card A6_Greetings_Card

Want to celebrate Christmas in a non-religious way? Or have a science geek friend in mind? These cards produced by the British Humanist Association provide a humourous and thought-provoking way to spread your Christmas wishes of good will. Designs include a festive version of Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life, a festive aethiest message based on the bus campaign “there’s probably no god. now stop worrying and enjoy your life”. and a fractal contained within the reflection of a Christmas bauble

Colour-in Christmas Cards


buy1._V192240163_These colour-in Christmas cards are fantastic if you have kids (or want to send them to someone with kids) – it’s an easy way of making personalised cards without all the hassle. Just get your children to colour them in with their own unique method and voila! A personal handmade christmas card. Alternatively you can send them out blank to be coloured in by the receiver. With the recent trend in adult colouring books, I think there are lots of people who would like to receive a card like this.

Origami Christmas Card


buy1._V192240163_These gorgeous origami cards by Tradecraft are made from handmade and recycled paper in Thailand by the looks of the script on the card. Some are more Christmassy than others (the penguin and the star perhaps?) but the others could easily be made more festive by adding some glitter and a santa hat or two

Pop-up Christmas Tree Christmas Card


Not your usual pop-up card! this impressive 3D card features a car carrying Christmas trees and is sure to make a big impression on the receiver. It looks like a pretty normal plain card on the outside but when you open it up – wow! Order from Etsy.

London Christmas Cards

original_london-collection-christmas-card-1 original_london-collection-christmas-card original_london-collection-christmas-card-2 original_london-collection-christmas-card-3

If you’re a Londoner and proud of it or looking for the perfect card for an expat who’s missing home, look no further than these gorgeously illustrated London Christmas cards by Eleanor Stuart. Featuring London icons such as double-decker buses, black cabs, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and more, these cards are beautiful quality and can be bought separately or in a boxed set of 8 designs. Available from Not on The High Street.

Autocorrect Christmas Cards


Do you love to giggle at Damn You Autocorrect? You’ll love these ‘autocorrect fail’ cards featuring typographic designs of classic Christmas greetings turned into something a little more humourous. Choose from “jingle balls”, “’tis the season to be jelly”, “shark! the herald angels sing” and “king kong merrily on high”. Comes in a pack of four, available from Not On The High Street.

Edible Christmas Cards


Who wants a load of old paper when you can receive something tasty in the post? The edible Christmas cake cards from Cake Nest make an ideal present and card all in one and are perfect for foodie friends. Choose from a standard design card with a slice of cake inside or a Christmas Cake with your own message in 15 pieces, designed to be posted through the letterbox. Now you can have your card and eat it too!

Game of Thrones Christmas Cards

enhanced-buzz-wide-9025-1418901744-37 enhanced-buzz-wide-9676-1418901349-30 enhanced-buzz-wide-22309-1418901344-15 enhanced-buzz-wide-8512-1418901348-8

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan  (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!) you will love these hilarious Christmas cards. These ones were created for Buzzfeed but there are some excellent ones available on Etsy too.

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