Alternative Decorations: Unusual Christmas Lights

This is the second post in my alternative Christmas Decorations series. Please check out the first post for some ideas for unusual Christmas tree ornaments and toppers.

I think lighting is one of the most important parts of Christmas Decor. It can really transfer your home from the everyday into something incredibly special and magical. I always used to love seeing our Christmas tree in the dark when I was a child with all its multicoloured fairy lights twinkling and reflecting off the tinsel and baubles.

Winter can be a miserable time of year in the UK because it’s so dark for so many hours every day – you get up, it’s dark, you spend all day inside at work and then by the time you get to go home, it’s dark again. This is why I think decorating for Christmas and paying particular attention to the lighting can help inject some much needed magic into this time of year and really help to give you a more positive mood and attitude.

Unique Christmas Lights for Inside The Home

Everyone’s familiar with the standard strings of white or multicoloured lights that adorn most homes at Christmas. They either twinkle softly or flash on and off at an epilepsy inducing rate!

I love these Christmas fairy lights and I’ve even used them as lighting all year round (they work particularly well in the bedroom wound around a headboard or behind a sheer curtain) but there are so many other fun options when it comes to Xmas lighting, so why not go for some more unusual Christmas lights this year?


buy1._V192240163_I think candles are essential lighting at Christmas – nothing beats that flickering warm glow. But normal candles can be a fire risk, are dangerous if you have small children around the house and obviously can’t be left if you go out. This is where this wonderful product comes in – LED candles! These candles are battery operated and there’s no flame so there’s no fire risk but they’re made from real wax and flicker just like a normal candle so they look just like the real thing. As well as being perfect for Christmas, these electric candles make great home lighting at any time of the year.


buy1._V192240163_These light-up Christmas scenes are a bit kitschy but I love them and so do my kids! They’re a bit magical, like a painting come to live and work wonderfully in children’s rooms, or in a window. For a slightly more subtle effect, you can buy a landscape of a snowy village with real twinkling lights, which looks just gorgeous. These pictures are made from canvas and are powered by AA batteries


buy1._V192240163_This rattan glitter reindeer with LED lights makes a great addition to your Christmas decor and looks beautiful next to the Christmas tree or lighting up a window. It’s 45 cm tall and runs off mains electricity.


buy1._V192240163_This is another beautiful lighting effect that looks great at any time of the year. It’s also really easy to achieve – just take a couple of old wine bottles and jars and put the fairy lights inside them. What makes these ones extra special is using this delicate wire fairy lighting that is battery operated – no need to worry about ugly green wires or figuring out how to plug in the lights. These lights are very cheap, come in several different colours and the batteries will last all Christmas.



buy1._V192240163_This light-up LED polar bear ornament is a cute addition to your Christmas lighting and also makes a great kids night light. It’s battery operated so no need to worry about plugs and wires and you can choose from lots of other cute Christmas animals including reindeer and penguins.61l-o7cjmyL._SL1000_

buy1._V192240163_I have one of these LED cherry blossom lights and I use it all year round. They create a beautiful subtle lighting effect in the corner of a room and you could even use this as your Christmas tree if you’re short for space – just decorate it with some baubles and tinsel.


buy1._V192240163_This multicoloured LED water candle is basically one of those glitter lava lamps and is really mesmerising. It’s basically like a big glittery christmas snow globe that lights up! This is a gorgeous and fun Christmas decoration to keep on your desk while you’re working or put in your window and it runs off batteries or from mains power.

Unusual Outdoor Christmas Lights


buy1._V192240163_I love these outdoor Christmas lights! I think they’re just amazing and are possibly the best fairy lights ever invented! Even better, they’re solar powered so you don’t need to worry about where to plug them in or the cost of electricity. They look gorgeous draped over a tree or at the entrance to your house and they switch themselves on as soon as it starts to get dark.


buy1._V192240163_Another inventive solar powered light – these little “fairy jars” make for gorgeous outdoors lighting at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. Just shake the jar to turn on the lights or it can be set to automatically come on when it gets dark. These look beautiful spaced along a path and look equally good inside the house. Kids love them as nightlights!

61cv2k4zycL._SL1000_buy1._V192240163_These little fuzzy outdoor fairy lights look just like dandelions or maybe snowballs! They’re solar powered and can be set to either be on steady or to twinkle. They look really gorgeous in the garden at any time of the year but are extra special at Christmas.

Unique Christmas Tree Lights


buy1._V192240163_These red and white rose lights are delicate and romantic but still in colours that are perfect for Christmas. They create a beautiful soft warm lighting effect and look gorgeous on the Christmas tree or anywhere in the home.


buy1._V192240163_How about some real fairy lights? These cute novelty fairy lights are perfect for Christmas either on the tree or hung against the wall, in a window or over the fireplace. They’re also a sweet decorative touch in a little girl’s room at any time of the year.


buy1._V192240163_These pink feather fairy lights look just as good when they’re off as when they’re on. If you’re creating a girly sparkly white and pink theme for your Christmas decorations, they will fit in perfectly and look gorgeous on artificial white Christmas trees. They’re also super cute in a little girls room at any time of the year.


buy1._V192240163_I love these little multicoloured paper lantern lights which look adorable on the Christmas tree, even if you don’t have any other decorations. They’re also ideal as a garland to decorate a room and can be re-used for parties or any occasion where you want festive lighting that’s not too Christmassy.

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